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Take out your Child - Play Area

Having children is wonderful gift. Children's are at home especially toddlers then we need not to do any exercise and we won't get sweat but our calories get burned playing with them. They make us happy, come out of stress and laugh. We get tired, but they won't get tired off playing and enjoying.

They even won't want to sleep and play & play. Want to experiment and explore more and more. Their brain development are fast at early stage. So it's our duty give them right at this age. Give them right toys, environment, food, books and help them to enjoy the childhood.

It is awesome period for them. Let us take them out to have fun. Children's like to go out and play. There are wide variety of options available. Initially, i have searched out for places in chennai to take my kid out. I found out there are lot more options available in chennai.I would like to share with you to enjoy with your children's.

Here are children take out areas availabe in chennai


Take them to beach if you have one near by. Some children want to play in sand first and then water and some are vice versa.
When they play in sand their hands get good massage and it helps them to hold pencil/pen and write. Always take spare dress, towel for them when you take them to beach.

Sometimes we find sea-shells, kids like to collect it and play. Accompanying toddler then take beach set if you have one at home. If little elder then take balls, cricket bat, valley ball to play.

You should be additional care when they play on sea. If you not have beach near by then find near by river and even that have sand, pebbles to play. But before take them make sure it is allowed and safe.


There would be one near to your area. Just enquiry neighbours to get the address and take the child. They enjoy play in swings, sliders, gym, sea-saw. Here is the list of main parks available in chennai.

Guindy Children's Park

We have Guindy Childrens Park which have animals, birds and have play area for kids. It is mini vandalur. Next to Guindy park, Snake park is also there.


Take them to Vandalur Zoo and they enjoy seeing the animals and birds. It is around 31 km from chennai and 6km from tambaram. It located in Kancheepuram. It have white tiger, Lion, beer, Deer, elephant, Giraffe, crocodile, fish, tortoise and many more... You can walk or take electric vechicle or bus to see the zoo.

One day won't be enough to see the animals. Take food and fruits which required for the day and/or you can take the food available inside the zoo also.

Play Centres / Play Area

Now a days in almost all cities have play centres. They have the membership cards or pay per hour options. Play centres have wide varity of toys, rides, games.
Click here to view the play centers available in Chennai

There are more places where children would enjoy and will continue write about the other spots.