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Spanking a child reduces the IQ Level

We parents want smart kids. We put lot of efforts to make them smart. However when they misbehave, we get angry and beat them to correct it. Seems it is wrong way of doing. Read the below

"Spanking lowers the IQ by 2.8 to 5 points." found by the Murray Straus , professor of sociology and co-director of the University of New Hampshire Family Research Laboratory. He found there is relationship with spanking and intelligent level.

It is good point for us. So hereafter if the child misbehaves then just correct it without beating them.

How it effect intelligence?

Spanking creates post-traumatic strees symptoms in children. The post-traumatic stress linked with intelligence level, which lowers.

When the child is stubborn or not doing home work then don't beat using the hand or any object. Just divert their mind to something else or take them out of the place and cool them. If you repeat this stubborness will get reduce.