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Practice the reading habit to your child

You can start reading the books even before they start talking. It is very important to talk and read the books with your child to help them get knowledge and pickup words. The child knows more than 1000 words before they start talking. So don't give up.

Read and talk to child on every activity you do. Before take them to bath, you can inform them that he/she is going to take bath, eating what, drinking what, whom/what they are looking. In this way we can speed up their speech and improve it.
Read the different language books which helps them to pick up more than one language. It is easy to pickup langauge in early age. Start reading books as early as possible and make them enjoy reading. They find wonderful world on reading books.

Childrens start identify the colors from age of 6 months. Before that they see everything black and white then slowly red color.

Once they start talk, they could express what they are feeling, how they are feeling on what. It is enjoyable time, when they start baby talk. It remembers the below "Thirukkural"

"The flute and lute are sweet they say
Deaf to baby's babble's lay!"

Choose the right book for age. For toddlers, pick up the books which have picture and one or two sentence per page books.
The letter size has to be bigger than the normal one for toddlers and pre schools to get their attention. Read loud the stories or words. Initially the toddlers and pre-schooler's attention span would be short so dont get tension. Continue reading when they are giving attention, it increase their span of attention.

Choose different kind of books flip/flap books, Peekaboo books, rhythmic words books, small size books (they like to hold), Apple shape, tree shape books, attractive colorful books. These will bring the interest in books.

"Be patient and keep reading books with your children, it creates bonding between you and your child."

You, yourself first enjoy reading. You putforth your sweet, happy, enjoyable, loud reading. Your child automatically come to you and ask he/she wants to read the particular book.
Enjoy Reading and make them enjoy. "It is not a magic, it is a practice"