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Make Learning number excited by Drawing pictures using it

When i teach numbers and alphabet for my kid, i don't want to teach him just numbers. It is bore for them. I want to do something out of box. When i was looking for option, i have ended up with this idea. Use numbers to draw some objects.

Drawing animals / flowers / birds using numbers helps the child to recognize and remember / recollect it easily. It brings their interest in learning and they will be excited learning also. It helps them learn numbers, drawing, names of the objects. It is multipurpose activity for kids.

Here is picture for number 2:

1. Draw number 2

Number two

2. Draw pattern V little slantingly for nose

Number two - duck nose

3. Draw curve for duck body

Number two - duck body

4. Draw feathers

Number two - duck body

5. Eyes and Legs

Number two - duck eyes and legs

Number two - duck

The numbers / pattern used to draw duck is number 2 base, 1 for legs, o for eyes and v for nose. Initially he had little heistation writing number 2, now he is more frequently he write number 2. Try out for your kids too. Write your ideas and experience.

Draw flower user number 3