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How to prepare your child for writing?

The child will get ready for writing when they have fine motor skill. The fine motor skill includes - hand - eye coordination, hand-hand coordination, cutting, coloring and more. Dont force them for writing at less than 3.6 years. If they are willing it is good. Some school starts writing practice from 3 yrs onwards. So parents start worrying and forcing them to write.

The small muscles in their hands should get practiced before start writing. Here i am listing out some of the activities which help them to improve motor skills.

1. Give them sand and let them play
2. Play doh
3. Small beads and make them join it
4. Give them coins and ask them to put it in piggy saving box
5. Ask them to button the skirt
6. Ask them to zip and unzip the hand bag / skirt
7. Give them plastic bottles and ask them to open and close
8. Given them lock and keys and let them try open and lock
9. Give them crayons and let them color the paper, object
10. Let them tye their shoes, buckle their chappels
11. Give them corner blended scissors to cut the objects
12. Give them puzzles and arrange it
13. Play musical instruments
14. Allow them to turn the books.

and more of handling small objects which gives work for fingers. Try practice these frequently so they will get ready to hold pencil.