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To get good hair

Every body wants healthy hair. Give good care and good food to your body helps to get good hair. Omega 3, water, right vitamins and iron helps to get strong hair. Other main thing is to maintain dandruff free hair.
If you have dandruff, hair fall happening. Here are some of the ideas to get healthy hair.

1. Eat flax-seed in empty stomach

The flex seed have omega 3 which helps the body to grow the hair. Salmon fish, Walnuts is also have omega 3. You can also try those.

2. Eat one amla (indian goosebery) day

Amla have rich vitamin c and an antioxidants. It helps to control the aging process and it have many benefits. Eating amla not only good for hair and good for overall.

3. Soak almond in water and eat in the morning with almond skin

Eating almond provides glow to skin and hair too. It have high Magnesium, which helps to avoid the hair loss.

4. Drink 8 to 10 glass of water.

Lot of people have question on how the drinking water and hair loss / hair grow related. If you not drink enough water your body get heat and hair loss happen. If you drink more water the toxins (waste in your body) and body heat will get reduced.

Drink butter milk, lemon juice, tender coconut, water melon juice and more water, so your body get cool.

5. Eat green, leafy vegetables more

Eat more green and leafy vegtables to get iron content and vitamins which promote the hair growth.

6. Eat 1 cup sprouts daily to get good hair and skin

Sprouts have rich vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and more fibre. So try take sprouts.

7. Don't take more coffee / tea

Reduce the coffee and tea intake. The coffee and tea are good only if it taken in right quantity. The more coffeine and tea slow down the hair growth.

8. Eat strawberry, banana, apple, mango, sapota and grapes more

9. Dandruff free hair

Apply fenugreek powder paste to Roots of the hair and wash it after 15 mins. It prevent the drandruff and it act as conditioner too.

After head bath, take one spoon of lemon and mix with water do rinse once.

10. Avoid getting tension

The last but not least. The hair loss and tension are related. so avoid getting frequent tension and get good hair.