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Enchance your child with activities - 3 to 4 yrs - with Rice , Pasta ,Noodles and natural colors

Items required
1. Buy white or black chart paper
2. Rice
3. Pasta (optional)
4. Noodles (optional)
5. Green Leafs - can use palak/spinach, curry leaf , coriander, mint
6. Turmeric
7. Beetroot
8. fevicol (or homemade fevicol using maida or starch powder)

1. Take a small piece of beetroot and make a juice. Mix the rice/noodle/pasta and juice in right quantity and keep it in fan or under sun to get it dry. (Now the purple color rice is ready)
2. Take a pinch of turmeric and mix rice /noodle/pasta and water in right quantity and dry it. (Now yellow color rice ready).
3. Take a palak leafs (1 or 2 leafs) and make juice out of it and mix with rice /noodle/pasta and dry up ( You will get green color rice).

mehendi/henna - brown
hibiscus flowers powder (try flower in shade and make powder) - red
tomatoes - red
Beetroot - purple
turmeric - yellow
leafy vegtables - green
jamun - purple
safforn - safforn
In this way you can prepare different colors.

4. Cut the chart paper, the size you want.
5. Place the fevicol in the chart paper.
6. Once you place the differnt colored rice, noodles and pasta in chart paper and show to your child. Now ask them to place it. They enjoy doing it.

You can draw a different shapes , flowers, cartoons in the chart and place fevicol inside the drawing and ask them to place the rice, noodles and pasta.

They would be happy on seeing their own creativity.