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Children activitiy - with easy items you get (Pista Shells)

I buy the roasted pista for my kiddy. I want to do something out of its shells which we throw in dustbin for longtime.

Final day, i got time and energy to do. I took
1. Chart paper
2. Clue
3. Pista shell
4. Pencil to draw

Draw flower/fruits/leafs/tree or interested simple picture on the chart paper. Apply the clue on the drawings and give pista shells to your children and ask to place the pista shells on it.

It will looks nice and your child enjoy it.

More fun:

Take water color / natural color / paint colors. You take shell and show how to paint it. Ask your child to color ths shells as required.

If the child is too small to do this activity then you do coloring the shell and dry it for while.

Then ask them to place it in the drawing.