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Activities / Games for 2 to 4 Year Children's

In this page, i am just listing out the simple activities / games for kids. Parents can arrange these activites without much efforts and makes the children enjoy.

Activity : Throw Ball to the Bucket

Things needed

* Small buket or paper or plastic container
* 4 to 5 balls

1. Keep small container in 3 to 4 feet distance from child.
2. Show how to play. You stand near to child and throw the ball to container.
3. Ask child to try to throw the ball to container.

Activity : Filling the Bottle

Children's always enjoy playing with water. This activity makes them happy.

Things needed:

* Bottle with small lid
* Small Glass
* Small bucket with water

1. Show them how to fill bottle using glass.
2. Ask them use glass to take water from bucket and fill it in the bottle.

Activity : Pick up channa from Rice

Things needed:

* Wide bowl
* Rice
* Black Channa

1. Take Wide bowl, mix the Rice and black channa in the bowl.
2. Ask your children pickup the channa from rice.