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sasikala's blog

Children activitiy - with easy items you get (Pista Shells)

I buy the roasted pista for my kiddy. I want to do something out of its shells which we throw in dustbin for longtime.

Final day, i got time and energy to do. I took
1. Chart paper
2. Clue
3. Pista shell
4. Pencil to draw

Draw flower/fruits/leafs/tree or interested simple picture on the chart paper. Apply the clue on the drawings and give pista shells to your children and ask to place the pista shells on it.

It will looks nice and your child enjoy it.

More fun:

Preschooler and Kindergarden - squeeze activity using wheat flour or henna powder

1. Get wheat flour or henna powder
2. Mix with water in the same way making Sapathi mix or henna mix
3. Take thick polythin sheet, make cone shape using cello tape
4. Fill this mix in the cone
5. Make small cut in the bottom of cone.
6. Give to your son or daugther to squeeze in the paper and enjoy

You can mix the wheat flour with beetroot color or any natural colors, so they enjoy the fun in color

Practice the reading habit to your child

You can start reading the books even before they start talking. It is very important to talk and read the books with your child to help them get knowledge and pickup words. The child knows more than 1000 words before they start talking. So don't give up.

Spanking a child reduces the IQ Level

We parents want smart kids. We put lot of efforts to make them smart. However when they misbehave, we get angry and beat them to correct it. Seems it is wrong way of doing. Read the below

"Spanking lowers the IQ by 2.8 to 5 points." found by the Murray Straus , professor of sociology and co-director of the University of New Hampshire Family Research Laboratory. He found there is relationship with spanking and intelligent level.

It is good point for us. So hereafter if the child misbehaves then just correct it without beating them.

To get Beautiful Lips

1. After boiling milk and cool down, you will get a thick layer of cream at the top ( paladai).
2. Take that and apply to lips in the morning and evening.
3. Do little massage and leave it till it get dry.
4. Repeat this regularly for a month

You will get beautiful lips. It even helps to prevent the lips get chapped.

Beauty Tips - Mehndi

Before apply mehndi
1. Apply lemon juice to your hands and leave it to get dry.
2. Then apply mehndi, it will be bright and red in color.

Hair tips - Amla

1. Dry the Amla
2. Powder it
3. Mix this powder and coconut oil and let get it boil.
3. Filter this oil
4. Apply to hair

This makes the hair black and stops the hair fall.

Take out your Child - Play Area

Having children is wonderful gift. Children's are at home especially toddlers then we need not to do any exercise and we won't get sweat but our calories get burned playing with them. They make us happy, come out of stress and laugh. We get tired, but they won't get tired off playing and enjoying.

They even won't want to sleep and play & play. Want to experiment and explore more and more. Their brain development are fast at early stage. So it's our duty give them right at this age. Give them right toys, environment, food, books and help them to enjoy the childhood.

A very good quotes from Warren Buffet

Many of us depend on single income and stuggle to manage it. We are attracted by ads and environments and buy whether that needed or not needed. we go exhibition and see beautiful chair, we want to buy that even we have enough at home. If we have children at home this happens frequently. They want to buy the same toys even they have one at home. They won't know the value of money and how hard to earn and save it. While they grow, its our duty to make them understand the value of money.

Here are very simple and beautiful quotes from warren buffet.

Hair Care - Henna

Now a days, use of lot of shampoo and exposure to dust and chemical's, we get white hair at very early age. Here is simple and very useful tip for it.

1. Get the henna leaf.
2. Heat the cocunut oil.
3. After 5 minutes(based on quanity of oil), add the henna leafs to oil.
4. Leave for another 5 minutes.
5. Let it get cool.
6. Keep it in container.

Apply this oil daily to hair. It makes the hair black. White hair also turned to black for continuous apply.