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sasikala's blog

Draw picture using number 5

number_five number_five
number_five number_five

Draw flower using number 3

Draw number three in all direction and form flower.

Baby or toddlers are not going stool/motion

If the baby or toddlers are not going stool/motion then

1. Take 2 to 3 dry grapes
2. Put this grapes in 2 to 3 spoon drinking water and extract the juice by squeezing
3. Give to baby or toddler

It helps to digest and go stool easily.

To gain weight

Mix one spoon of honey with glass of milk and drink at night times before sleep. It helps to gain weight.

Make Learning number excited by Drawing pictures using it

When i teach numbers and alphabet for my kid, i don't want to teach him just numbers. It is bore for them. I want to do something out of box. When i was looking for option, i have ended up with this idea. Use numbers to draw some objects.

Drawing animals / flowers / birds using numbers helps the child to recognize and remember / recollect it easily. It brings their interest in learning and they will be excited learning also. It helps them learn numbers, drawing, names of the objects. It is multipurpose activity for kids.

Here is picture for number 2:

Enchance your child with activities - 3 to 4 yrs - with Rice , Pasta ,Noodles and natural colors

Items required
1. Buy white or black chart paper
2. Rice
3. Pasta (optional)
4. Noodles (optional)
5. Green Leafs - can use palak/spinach, curry leaf , coriander, mint
6. Turmeric
7. Beetroot
8. fevicol (or homemade fevicol using maida or starch powder)

Activity for Age of 5-7 (Adult monitor Required)

1. Take a chart paper
2. one corner keep glue and place the crayons (tip point toward paper) in line
3. use hairdryer and melt the wax crayon

It just fun activity but required adult involvement.

Use the empty boxes and make holder

1. Take boost, complan, horlicks or surf boxes
2. Take Fancy color paper and wrap and stick to the box
3. Keep hole in the box for the handle
4. Just hang it in the magnetic clips
5. keep the crayons / pencils / eraser / sharpner ... kiddy required items inside it

Health Tips: What to eat to reduce aging process?

The below items are good source of Anti-oxidant which reduce the aging process and increase the skin glow.

* Sprouts
* Wheat Bread
* Garlic
* Orange Juice
* Barley
* Brown rice
* Turnip leaves

Include those in your daily diet and get good skin.