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Educational Website for Kids

There are lot of websites for kids. I here listing out most frequently used ones.


Simply Walk

We walk everyday but doesn't know the benefit of it. Formers walk and do work hard so they live longer than people sit and work.
They do regularly with brisk and swetting almost every day.

City people stuck in the work routine and other stuffs. We can compromise that simply walk 30 mintues a day briskly. Which helps to

To get good hair

Every body wants healthy hair. Give good care and good food to your body helps to get good hair. Omega 3, water, right vitamins and iron helps to get strong hair. Other main thing is to maintain dandruff free hair.
If you have dandruff, hair fall happening. Here are some of the ideas to get healthy hair.

1. Eat flax-seed in empty stomach

The flex seed have omega 3 which helps the body to grow the hair. Salmon fish, Walnuts is also have omega 3. You can also try those.

2. Eat one amla (indian goosebery) day

How to prepare your child for writing?

The child will get ready for writing when they have fine motor skill. The fine motor skill includes - hand - eye coordination, hand-hand coordination, cutting, coloring and more. Dont force them for writing at less than 3.6 years. If they are willing it is good. Some school starts writing practice from 3 yrs onwards. So parents start worrying and forcing them to write.

The small muscles in their hands should get practiced

To gain weight

Mix one spoon of honey with glass of milk and drink at night times before sleep. It helps to gain weight.

Use the empty boxes and make holder

1. Take boost, complan, horlicks or surf boxes
2. Take Fancy color paper and wrap and stick to the box
3. Keep hole in the box for the handle
4. Just hang it in the magnetic clips
5. keep the crayons / pencils / eraser / sharpner ... kiddy required items inside it

Health Tips: What to eat to reduce aging process?

The below items are good source of Anti-oxidant which reduce the aging process and increase the skin glow.

* Sprouts
* Wheat Bread
* Garlic
* Orange Juice
* Barley
* Brown rice
* Turnip leaves

Include those in your daily diet and get good skin.

Children activitiy - with easy items you get (Pista Shells)

I buy the roasted pista for my kiddy. I want to do something out of its shells which we throw in dustbin for longtime.

Final day, i got time and energy to do. I took
1. Chart paper
2. Clue
3. Pista shell
4. Pencil to draw

Draw flower/fruits/leafs/tree or interested simple picture on the chart paper. Apply the clue on the drawings and give pista shells to your children and ask to place the pista shells on it.

It will looks nice and your child enjoy it.

More fun:

Preschooler and Kindergarden - squeeze activity using wheat flour or henna powder

1. Get wheat flour or henna powder
2. Mix with water in the same way making Sapathi mix or henna mix
3. Take thick polythin sheet, make cone shape using cello tape
4. Fill this mix in the cone
5. Make small cut in the bottom of cone.
6. Give to your son or daugther to squeeze in the paper and enjoy

You can mix the wheat flour with beetroot color or any natural colors, so they enjoy the fun in color